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sNug Functional Compression Pants 机能弹力裤

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sNug Functional Compression Pants 机能弹力裤 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
Progressive pressure design
Optimal compression of muscles in each department to enhance exercise efficiency
Slow lactic acid accumulation
Fatigue reduction
Stable leg muscle mass lifting energy output

Color: black
Size: S-XXL
Ingredient: main cloth - dupont OP40 19%+N40 81% hex mesh cloth - nylon 78% elastic fiber 22%

Mode of use:
- please sit in a low chair and wear it better. Put both feet on your ankles and pull them up again
- apply evenly to your abdomen, and rotate your feet in a small section to the knee
- adjust your feet 'laps and pull your ankles to your knees so that the pressure is evenly distributed and not concentrated locally
- rotate the upper thighs, so that the pressure evenly wraps the thighs and does not focus on the knees
- don't pull the compression tube and the butt elastic cloth as tightly as you can, and wear the compression tube a little higher so that you can wear the pants properly
- please move and adjust the uncomfortable areas. pull the pressure too tightly to make it even, and put the trousers on a fit and feel comfortable

Points for purchase:
- if your size is between 2 and 3 sizes, you can choose according to your personal preference pressure. size one is more comfortable and size one is more functional
- if you've never used a similar pressure product, it's recommended that you choose a larger size for the first time and a smaller size for the first time when you're used to it
- please check the appearance of the goods before you receive them. please do not wear any defective holes and call back directly. It is easy to argue if wearing traces is difficult to judge whether human causes are caused
- silicone anti-slide can improve the situation in cases where the proportion of legs varies too much or where the fat tissue under the skin is softer
- a flat measure is a flat measure, not the length of the wear, so the size is small, for information

Points to note:
- don't pull hard when wearing, and avoid ring jewelry and nails scraping
- do not use any abnormal phenomena such as redness, itching, cold limbs, inflammation, etc.
- don't wear it while you're asleep and still for a long time
- compression leg covers are worn so as not to be overstressed
- do not wear blood circulation disorders (neurological disorders, diabetes mellitus). the allergic constitution should be used after consultation with a physician
- discontinue use and seek medical attention as soon as possible in case of pain, paralysis, and skin abnormalities
- please see the instructions in the box for how to dress
- not dry cleaning, drying, hand washing water temperature not exceeding 30 degrees, ironing, bleaching
- it is recommended to rinse with water immersion and dry it flatly!Good maintenance and normal use can extend product life!
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