Say goodbye to smelly, stuffy, sticky, and uncomfortable!

First, formulate specifications according to your foot to achieve optimum somatosensory comfort

The first to create a one-specification, exclusive safety deodorization technology, and 13 inspection standards according to the body feeling, to protect health and eliminate harmful substances, the glory of the MIT benchmark, to bring people a warm and fresh, confident and beautiful feeling!

Provide high-quality, affordable, and skin-friendly healthy socks

Features of Third Generation Technology Deodorant Socks

  • Permanent deodorant, breathable, good moisture absorption, mildew prevention and keeps shoes and socks dry 
  • 10 seconds deodorizes and decomposes continuously 
  • Ergonomic Y-shaped positioning, heel positioning does not slip
  • Exclusive high-density, high-turn count weaving, not easy to lose or change shape
  • Comfortable without snapping, conforms to the foot shape, reduces the rough friction of the stitches 
  • Anti-abrasion seamless toe construction, no bite marks, and strangulation marks 
  • 10 sizes, feel the best comfort, fit, solid, and durable 
  • Infant textile safety tests health, no chemicals, no harmful substances, and no irritating ingredients

The Secret of Odourless

Hygroscopic, Quick-Drying, Self-Dry, Deodorant

3 characteristics of Toyobo's patented deodorant fiber are moisture absorption, quick drying, and self-dry. The moisture absorption and quick-dry are 2 times more potent than wool, 3.5 times stronger than natural cotton; deodorant power is 20 times higher than activated carbon, and deodorization speed is 180 times more than the general activated carbon. It quickly decomposes human odor within 10 seconds, and bacteria unable to Bree

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