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sNug Control Anti-Odour Inner Wear

  • Wide waistband design: Keep elastic and meticulously wrapped, giving you a complete sense of security
  • Meticulous inner sewing: no scratching on delicate skin, pants are not easy to loosen
  • Breathable and super soft: the delicate fabric feels to the touch and pampers the tender baby-like skin, making it as comfortable as a second layer of skin
  • Healthy PH value

H5.5 Japanese Functional Skin Care Deodorizing Fiber

S.Top + PH 5.5 Grade Fiber

Made of top-quality materials: 

Lyocell Tencel

  • Breathable and sweat absorbent
  • Continuously decompose odours
  • Super elastic perfect covering
  • Skin-friendly without leaving marks
  • Suitable for sensitive skin

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Why is Tencel a Good Fabric for Innerwear?

Certain underwear materials can be confining and non-breathable, leading to irritation, rashes, and infection, especially if you’re already prone to those things.

Tencel fibers transport moisture directly to the fiber core, keeping the surface of your Tencel underwear dry. 

The result: up to 2000 times fewer bacteria grow on Tencel fibers than on synthetic fibers, eliminating body odor effectively.

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