Jo Mama Promotion Package

Jo mama

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  • 永久除臭,透气,良好吸湿效果,防霉并保持鞋袜干爽
  • 10秒消臭,持续分解
  • 人体工学Y型定位,后脚跟定位不滑落
  • 独家高密度,高圈数织法 不松垮,不变形
  • 舒适不卡卡,服帖脚型,降低缝线的粗糙摩擦
  • 无痕袜口,不咬肉,无勒痕
  • 十段尺寸,合脚,服帖,扎实耐穿
  • 婴幼儿纺织安全检验健康,无化学药剂,无有害物质,无刺激成分


Features of Third-Generation Technology Deodorant Socks

  • Permanent deodorant, breathable, good moisture absorption, mildew prevention and keeps shoes and socks dry 
  • 10 seconds deodorizes and decomposes continuously 
  • Ergonomic Y-shaped positioning, heel positioning does not slip
  • Exclusive high-density, high-turn count weaving, not easy to lose or change shape
  • Comfortable without snapping, conforms to the foot shape, reduces the rough friction of the stitches 
  • Traceless design, no bite marks, and strangulation marks 
  • 10 sizes, feel the best comfort, fit, solid, and durable 
  • Infant textile safety test health, no chemicals, no harmful substances, and no irritating ingredients