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sNug Unisex Composite Silver Fiber Anti-Mildew Insoles 复合银纤维防菌鞋垫

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sNug Unisex Composite Silver Fiber Anti-Mildew Insoles 复合银纤维防菌鞋垫 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
🌈Antibacterial enhanced🌈
The first layer:
Silver ion fiber combined with exclusive Japanese nano deodorant fiber cloth surface,
Effective and comprehensive antibacterial and decompose peculiar smell in shoes.

Second layer:
Use patented POLIYOU,
Passed ISO-9001 international quality certification,
Efficient moisture absorption and mildew proof.

Japan deodorant fiber X antibacterial silver ion
Double-effect guarding foot health

⭐️Prevent stuffiness in shoes/multi-national patent/breathable insoles
⭐️Open structure, more than 90% of the material body is a small hole
⭐️Washable and cut
⭐️Multiple sizes are available (according to the length of the shoes XS 19 cm S 22 cm M 25 cm L 28 cm XL 31 cm)
⭐️100% made in Taiwan
⭐️Composition: First layer (gray): 43% polyester fiber, 43% cotton, 14% silver ion technology cotton
Second layer (black): POLIYOU

We take a bath and wash our feet every day, change clothes and socks,
Only the shoes are not washed every day,
Remember when your last shoe wash?
According to investigation, most of the shoes have not been washed until they are abandoned!
Shoes cover the feet for a long time,
Accumulate a lot of sweat, cutin, bacteria,
Let the shoes accumulate an difficult-to-remove shoe smell,
No matter how clean socks are replaced every day,
It will still be contaminated by the bad smell in the shoes!

Especially for you who don't like to wear socks,
There are a lot of sweat glands on the soles of the feet,
If you don't wear socks, the first contact part is the insole.
Sweat is stuffed in shoes, with a high temperature and humid environment,
Make bacteria breed quickly in the shoes,
Constantly create odor substances to produce evil smell.
According to the test display,
The most dirty carrying bacteria and fungi total number of toilet seats is less than 1000,
And the number of bacteria carrying shoes exceeds millions.

Do you try to remove foot odor but forget to remove shoes odor?
Return to a dry and comfortable environment in the shoes immediately!

Snug deodorant cleaning insole combined with air cushion-like elastic shock absorber material,
Double deodorant material+elastic pressure relief effect,
Can effectively control the peculiar smell in the shoes,
Keep the inner environment of the shoes dry and fresh,
And help walking more relaxed and comfortable,
Put on sNug cleaning insoles for each pair of your shoes,
Never worry about unpleasant smells from the shoe cabinet!

Comfortable, breathable and mildew-absorbent

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