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sNug Full-Leg Cover Sports Compression Sleeve 运动压缩全腿套

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sNug Full-Leg Cover Sports Compression Sleeve 运动压缩全腿套 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
Passed the MST progressive pressure test through scientific testing, it is a real and effective compression sleeve
♥️International standard seven-stage pressure is real compression
♥️Protect and fix muscles, complete coverage
♥️Auxiliary stable muscle energy output, concentrate energy
♥️ Reduce lactic acid accumulation and still have a dragon after exercise
♥️Special lifting breathable texture, super breathable when sweating

※ Sports application: various intense sports, running, mountaineering, balls, weight training.
※ Working applications: people who must climb ladders, walk for a long time, stand for a long time, carry heavy objects, have large and small legs, and arms fatigued.
※ Those with too much difference in size legs, or those with softer thigh subcutaneous fat tissue, it is easier to encounter a roll-down roll. Please choose a silicone anti-slip full leg cover or full-pressure strong skin compression pants.

⭐️Please refer to the size comparison table in the picture
⭐️Composition: 80% nylon, 20% elastic fiber (Lycra)
⭐️This is a pair of sales

🔺Cleaning precautions
♥️Hand wash, the water temperature does not exceed 30 degrees (do not machine wash❗)
♥️Do not iron in the shade when placed horizontally (do not directly expose to the sun and do not dehydrate)
♥️Do not bleach, do not dry, do not dry clean

🔺Maintenance method
-Can Be cleaned with clean water or general detergent. Do not use bleach and softener.
-The Service life of the product is different due to personal use frequency and washing maintenance methods. It is recommended to replace the two pairs to extend the service life of the product. When you feel loose, you can replace the new product.

-Do Not pull it vigorously when wearing it, and avoid ring accessories and nail scratches.
-If there are abnormalities such as redness, itching, cold body, inflammation, etc., please do not use it.
-Do Not wear it when sleeping or static for a long time.
-Compress The leg sleeves to avoid rolling and use them when wearing them to avoid excessive pressure.
-Do Not wear blood circulation barriers (nerve barriers, diabetes). For allergies, please consult the doctor before using it.
-If Pain, paralysis, and abnormal skin occur, please stop using it and doctor as soon as possible.
-Please see the manual in the box when wearing.

-Please refer to the way of wearing, do not pull it with brute force, damage will not be returned or exchanged due to improper wearing method.
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