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sNug Control Anti-Odor Low Waist Lady Underwear 小清底腰新动能内著

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sNug Control Anti-Odor Low Waist Lady Underwear 小清底腰新动能内著 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
sNug women's panties are made of Japanese and American functional fibers added to Tencel, which are drawn and blended. They are developed for women's private skin. Its healthy PH value can best meet the needs of women's defense and protection, plus silky texture. Ultra-fine touch, reduces the discomfort caused by skin friction, and cares for sensitive skin. The special fresh fiber can continuously and effectively decompose to reduce the production of odor, and keep it fresh and comfortable all day long.

✨S.Top+ PH 5.5 grade fiber
✨Lyocell Tencel
✨Continuously decompose the odor, and the odor of sweat does not stay
✨Breathable and thin, you can breathe deeply in the privacy
✨Skin defensive line in weakly acidic private areas
✨Skin-friendly care, also suitable for sensitive skin
✨Provide comfortable high waist covering
✨ Give you a fresh and comfortable mood throughout the day

⭐️Ingredients: 54% lyocell fiber, 33% nylon, 6% polyester fiber (Japanese deodorizing fiber), 7% elastic fiber
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