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sNug Unisex Vibration Frequency Lucky Healthy Crew Sock 健康振频幸運袜

RM 81.90
sNug Unisex Vibration Frequency Lucky Healthy Crew Sock 健康振频幸運袜 Ratings: 0 - 0 votes
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In order to prevent health care, the concept of a spectrum beneficial human body is imported into the clothes, and the natural energy is improved.
The sNug technology health socks are all made of exclusive S-TOP+deodorant technology cotton. The Japanese patented fiber can dry itself quickly, decompose the odor, eliminate heat, and maintain the comfort of fresh, dry shoes.

Guarantee safety and non-toxic, independent delivery of CNS15290 textile safety specifications, no formaldehyde, no azo nitrogen, and 0 harmful substances, as recommended by all doctors
💕High-density slow workmanship fine weaving, exclusive specifications, multi-stage fit size;
💕Solid covering feeling, durable and not loose;
💕Ergonomic Y-shaped positioning. The heel does not slip off;
💕Elastic seamless socks.No bite meat, no strangulation;
Good cleaning, good maintenance, sun, machine washable, low-temperature baking.

We treat every order very carefully
Also, look forward to receiving your full marks and praise feedback❤️

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⚡To prevent health care, import the spectrum beneficial to the human body into the clothes
Long-term wear can use bio-resonance frequency to affect bio-energy fields,
Lead the confused biological molecules to correct the balance sequence to achieve the purpose of natural prevention and health care.

⚡Natural energy improvement
Modern people often feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable in here without being sick.
Maybe it is interference from poor environmental interference or poor self-operation causing loss of health balance!
Personal balance of vibration functional clothing in the energy field,
Help you remain stable and restore chaos to normal sequence.

⚡Put on a good frequency, healthy and energetic!
No heavy metals, no chemicals, safe textile inspection passed

⭐️Composition: Cotton (S-TOP+deodorant cotton) 80%, elastic fiber 20%
⭐️Sock height: about 3-5 cm above the ankle
⭐️The size can be mixed and matched (just remark on the order)
⭐️Please refer to the size comparison table in the picture
🔹Universal size for adult women → 2224
🔹Universal size for adult men → 2527
🔸Large size 2729 → Applicable foot length above 28.5 cm
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